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MBD is proud to be a small family-run company, but has over 47 subcontractors in all phases of construction, provides civil & professional engineering services, both architectural & home design services, realtor & finance assistance, and a reference list that is second to none. We welcome you to talk to our people, our subs, our vendors, and our clients.

If you’re looking for a professional builder who brings this amount of experience to your project in Maine or New Hampshire, Maine Building & Development is a company you can trust.

MBD has added some new references to our already impressive  portfolio.  You can see the New Additions Featured seperately, or along with our entire Reference Package.

Once again we have updated our Photo Gallery!  We are proud to show the Connolly's home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 


Maine Building & Development are now officially certified for Lead Safety and Renovation work.  Be sure to check out the full description and more information in our Services section.

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Perkins.........   ...........Venter.............. ... ....Muse-Higgins

Green Building Updates:
LEED Certified Homes
Energy Star Certified Homes
Maine Building & Development provides all levels of green building services.
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