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Maine Building & Development has over 47 different subcontractors to help meet your specific needs and desires when building a home. However, as you can see from the list below, we also offer specific skills and services to make your building experience as easy as possible.

Custom/Traditional Stick Built Homes : MBD's Custom/Traditional Stick Built Homes

Custom Log Homes: Ward Cedar Log Homes

Custom Modular Homes: Modular Homes

Professional Consulting Services: MBD's Professional Consulting Services

Architect & Home Designs: For all your custom home design and construction-ready drawings

Engineering Services : Engineering Assistance & Design, Inc

Landscape Services : Zachary Berger Associates, LTD

Custom Cabinetry: Chick Lumber and High Country Home both offer great services

Interior Design: High Country Home

Whole House Sprinkler Systems: Denali Fire Protection Inc.

Lending Services: Norway Savings Bank is our Lending Service Provider

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