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The following is a small sample of references and recommendations for Rick Micklon and Maine Building & Development. The entire letters are available as part of an introductory kit that is offered to all new potential clients and professional trades people. These references are printed with the permission of the wonderful people who have sent them to Rick and MBD over the last five years.


J. Douglas Fagone

President & Chief Operating Officer
Chick Home Center, North Conway, NH

“During the time I’ve interacted with Rick, it has become evident to me that his strong personal character traits have been the key to his success. Rick is well organized, goal oriented, a terrific problem solver, and wants excellence from everyone he deals with. Most notable is his strong focus and attention to detail work, in concert with his technical knowledge.”

Doug Stone
V.P. Construction Lending
Stepstone Mortgage, York, Maine

“As a retired builder of 24 years, and now a Vice President of Stepstone Mortgage, I’ve met many people throughout New England in the home building business. Rick Micklon is one of the most highly motivated builders I have ever met. He is a very talented construction manager with a broad range of experience involving land development, concrete work, carpentry, and all aspects of the building construction process. He is also an effective and efficient manager of subcontractors, fully understands quality control, cost estimation, and budget management.”

Peter N. Connell
President / CEO
Oxford Homes, Oxford, Maine

“Rick Micklon has become a highly respected builder, providing homes with either modular product or site building. To underscore my confidence in his abilities, I engaged Rick to oversee and manage the construction of my personal residence. As usual, he did a phenomenal job and exceeded my expectations. He has become an expert in all phases of the housing business and I’m convinced that he would be capable of successfully completing any type of residential project.”

Tanya Busch
Keller Williams Realty Mid Maine, Auburn, Maine

“Rick is an outstanding general contractor. I have had the opportunity to work with Rick for several years and have observed the professional and caring manner in which he has worked with customers and managed the challenges of the building process.

Rick’s articulate straightforward presentation style is evident at the very first meeting and indicative of his approach to all aspects of his business. He has great rapport, not only with clients, but also with subcontractors, vendors, and investors. Rick is thorough, well organized, and knowledgeable. He is committed to quality work, good customer service, and satisfied homebuyers. What more could you ask for in a general contractor?”

Peter M. LaRochelle
Associate Broker
ERA Masiello Group, Wells, Maine

“From a realtor’s perspective, I find Rick’s knowledge about the entire building process to be extremely helpful to me and my business. I am able to comfortably put my customers in direct contact with someone whom I have the utmost confidence. I am the listing agent for a 120 lot subdivision and Rick is the first person I call when I have a question about a lot, the style of home that might fit on a lot, or anything to do with the building process.

I have many second-home buyers who live out of state and are not able to make regular trips to check on the construction process. Rick takes the extra step and updates the clients on a regular basis via email and digital photos of the building site. Personally, I do not think there are many builders who offer that type of service!”


Peter and Niki Venter

Otisfield, Maine

January, 2012

“We have owned our property on Birch Island in Thompson Lake for more than 20 years and always dreamed that someday we would build a log cabin there. Rick Micklon is a large part of the reason that dream is now a reality.

There were many difficulties and challenges with building on an island and with working through all of the issues related to ensuring we received the appropriate approvals and complied with all the requirements of shoreland zoning. Rick’s broad experience and deep relationships at the state and local level were essential in guiding us through the process and making sure that everything came off without a hitch.

Once construction began Rick and his son Kabe were tireless and extremely creative in overcoming every logistical issue and in efficiently managing and coordinating all of their sub-contractors. No detail was too small for them to be on top of.

Because the vast majority of the work was done while Niki and I were at our other home in Michigan we needed to be able to have absolute trust and confidence in our builder. Rick and Kabe have earned that and more. We were always kept fully informed as each step in project unfolded and we have been absolutely thrilled with the result.

Most importantly now that Rick and Kabe have helped us to realize our dream they have become our very good friends. They are great people and true professionals. When we decided this year to do some expansion work on our cabin we never even considered talking to someone else or putting the project out to bid. We simply wouldn’t want to work with anyone other than Rick and Kabe on our Birch Island home."

Mike & Lisa Connolly
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
March, 2010

“It is our pleasure to write this letter of reference for Rick Micklon, owner of Maine Building and Development. When my wife and I decided to move to Cape Elizabeth, we were fortunate enough to find a lot on which to construct our new home. We then began our search for not only a quality builder, but someone who could grasp what we were trying to achieve in the design and construction of our ‘Maine Cottage.’

We came by Rick by way of recommendations and upon first meeting the chemistry was immediate. Ricks considerable intellect and experience in every facet of home construction and land development was almost secondary relative to the manner in which he strived to identify what our vision of the new home would be. This was truly a consultative process with many, many questions being asked by Rick in order to completely understand our vision.

From the site work on a challenging lot, to aiding us in the design to the final details of door knobs I can’t image a process being better managed and in such an amicable manner.

I think the proof is in the product, come visit our home anytime.”

Jackie Muse & Jane Higgins
Kennebunk, Maine

October, 2011

"Maine Building and Development constructed our beautiful new home in Kennebunk, Maine. Rick Micklon is a highly skilled General Contractor who assembled a group of professional men and women to handle all aspects of the construction. Rick guided the process from start to finish with a level of professionalism that was remarkable. He spent time with us guiding us along through every aspect of the process. His level of expertise made it a joy to work with him as we were very much hands on in the building process and he was always available to answer every question we asked no matter how trivial. This is our dream house and Rick knew that and treated us with an unsurpassed level of caring and compassion.

We would recommend him and have recommended him to friends who are planning renovations or new construction. Over the years we saw the work of numerous other general contractors and there is no comparison to the high quality of our home to the others. Rick produces an exceptionally high quality product and we are happy to be included in his stable of satisfied customers."

John and Susan Jarvis

Haven By The Sea

Wells Beach, Maine

October, 2011

"Our commercial renovation was almost a two-year process for our General Contractor, Rick Micklon. Rick’s expertise in building codes, both on a town and state level, proved invaluable in successfully navigating what needed to be accomplished and in specifying the right subcontractors/products to meet our budget and renovation needs. At one point, during the project, there was over 15 subcontractors involved, which in itself was extremely overwhelming and challenging. Rick and Kabe never once had issue with the amount of travel, meetings, and telephone conferences it took to complete the project. The project took longer and was more difficult, due to winter weather conditions; in the end, our building was transformed and the quality of workmanship was outstanding. If you have a building project need, Rick’s integrity alone will make you select him as your general contractor."

Ron and Sue Lawton

Otisfield, Maine

August, 2010


"I just want to tell anyone who is thinking of building in Maine or NH, that I recommend, without reservation, getting Rick Micklon to handle the whole process. Not only is he a good man, honest and capable, but as a builder, his knowledge and skills are superlative. He has all sorts of Certifications regarding Laws and building requirements that range from Local to State to Federal. He has enormous experience and knowledge. And he has always treated us as friends, not customers.

He also has friendship relationships with upper level regulatory people and he also has 35 to 40 excellent subcontractors that do professional work in all sorts of building projects, and they love to work with Rick. They were a pleasure to have at our place in Maine, doing different portions of Rick's project for us.

He built for us, starting when we were in Maine and pursued it when we were in Florida for most of the year.

Why I recommend Rick, is that he really heard what we wanted to do, and did what we wanted, within the regulations and laws of the land, and his word was his bond. We told him what resources we had to work with, and he was very helpful to us with the cost aspects of the work.

It is comforting to be able to trust a person to take the whole load on himself to make the end result happen, without any worry for us. He is a great communicator. He kept us informed, as though we were there, and sent pictures of the process, which was very gratifying, and still is.

In the process we discovered a wonderful friend in Rick; and we told our shoreline friends about him and he graciously helped each of them to get a realistic, practical, regulative-compliant plan to preserve and possibly expand their properties. They rave about him, and so do we.

Susan and I would have no other person build anything for us, than Rick, and we look forward to seeing him again this summer. You will know what we mean when he builds for you."


James Perkins

Oxford, Maine

February 2010

“I have recommended Rick Micklon to several of my friends and family.Rick is extremely honest and a credit to the building trade.He holds his subs to the same high standards that he keeps.At some point in the future I plan to build a detached garage for the boat and other items, and MBD will be the builder in that project as well.


Rick presented me with the contract budget that I did not believe would build the house I wanted.He did that with no cost overruns and our beautiful home was built on time and more importantly on budget to the dollar.I would encourage anyone to shop for a General Contractor, but they would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t include Maine Building and Development and Rick Micklon into the mix.”



Kay Murphy

Waterford, Maine

February 2010


“We are very pleased with our new home.Maine Building & Development built our home in Maine while we were living in Texas.Rick was always responsive to our questions and professional in every way.He provided emails and pictures as well as verbal communication so we always knew about the progress on our home.The subcontractors he used did excellent work.Rick provided excellent guidance to someone who had never built a new home from the ground up as we did.”



Kathi Shaller

Otisfield, Maine

April 2010


“I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Rick Micklon.He has proven to be a trustworthy builder with impeccable skills and knowledge of shoreline projects.It has been our pleasure to work with him as Chairman of Planning board, Town Selectman, builder, and now a caring friend


We own a nearly 100-year-old building on Thompson Lake in Otisfield.The ‘Beehive’ is a large structure, which served as a dining hall for a girls camp, built over water, in 1915.Needless to say, we have many shoreline issues, which Rick is so skillfully helping us address (the soundness of the structure and its relationship with the lake).Rick’s expertise is second to none.The codes and regulations are second nature to him and he works tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome for the state, town, environment, and homeowner.I can’t stress enough the confidence, fairness and integrity of this man.He has been a godsend for us, completing several projects at the Beehive during the off-season, while we were at home in Massachusetts.Ours is a long term, ongoing situation and Rick accommodates our needs with patience, positive energy and mastery."

Dr. Peter J. McDonald

York Harbor, Maine
March 2007


“To say that my wife and I were thrilled with Rick’s work would be an complete understatement. Rick was (and remains) 100% attentive and responsive since day one…Remarkably, Rick completed our home three weeks ahead of schedule and on budget to the penny. However, to me the quality of construction and the level of detail in the finishes are the two most important differentiating factors between a Micklon home and all the rest. Rick built us an absolutely spectacular home.

The highest praise I can offer Rick is to say that I would build another home with him in a minute…and I might. I welcome you to contact me directly if you have any questions whatsoever, as I am all too happy to sing the praises of Rick Micklon and his team.”

Gregory Cohen
Wells, Maine
June 2006

“As the proud homeowner of the project he completed in June 2006, I must say that Rick is a 'more than competent' honest and reliable builder/contractor.

In this day and age it’s difficult to be able to find someone like Rick who had brought me through the grueling process of building a new home with the ease and accuracy he demonstrated. When things got difficult for me, Rick took them in hand and cane up with viable solutions that worked well. In addition, Rick was available at all times, which I found out later is not the case with most other contractors in Maine. This was a long distance project and I did a lot of traveling throughout the build having my main residence in New Jersey. Rick made the distance factor painless while encouraging feedback from me while absent.

In conclusion, I would without reservation recommend Rick to you.”


Mary & Steve O'Connell
Wells, Maine
March 2009

“Rick Micklon built our house in Wells, ME. in 2005/2006...He was available always by either telephone or email and never failed to return our calls. The quality of workmanship and materials used in our house were solid, and it is a beautiful house. We feel that Rick led us every step of the way, resulting in confident choices, and we depend on him to have all the answers, whether it was financial or building related.

We recommend Rick Micklon to anyone who is looking to select a builder that will be there for you from begining to end, and beyond. Rick is a man that you can feel confident in choosing to build a strong foundation and a beautiful home, and a friendship that will continue on."

Dave Goguen
Conway, New Hampshire
August, 2008

“This home is our primary home. We were living out of state at the time of construction. We were visiting on weekends and found communication to be excellent. Rick has a thorough grasp on technology which really helped out. We could email plans, photos, etc. Cell phone communication was great and always in a timely response. I did not feel as though I had to keep an eye on things whatsoever.

I found Ricks' attitude toward problems or changes to be outstanding. By this I mean his focus is first and foremost solution based…Decisions, changes or just plain selections were presented clearly in all cases.

Sal DeVellis
Wells, Maine
January, 2006

“ Your performance at 14 Ocean Avenue has been exceptional. Your tradesmen, the architect you recommended, and your personal interactions with the town agencies have been excellent. You are essentially on schedule and within budget and I am looking forward to our next project at 26 Ocean Avenue.

In addition, I would like to relay a discussion I recently had with one of my friends, to whom I recommended MBD to build their daughter’s home on Well’s Beach. As you know, they were excited when they received their occupancy permit in time to move in & enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with their family and friends. When they thanked me for recommending you to them, I was happy to tell them, “I told you so!”

Rick & Marty Riley
Wells, Maine
January, 2006

“We knew the most important decision left was to find a builder we could trust to bring the project to life and run it while we went on with our lives 150 miles away. The impression we got from our first meeting was that you were an honest person with the years of experience needed to build the custom home we were after. Our instincts were dead on.

Not once did we have a neighbor complain, in fact, just the opposite was true. We had several neighbors commenting on how considerate and professional everyone on the job site had been. It’s not often you get that kind of feedback during a project of this kind in a beach location. We would recommend your services to our family, friends and anyone who is looking for a quality building experience and a quality-built home.”

Peter & Janet Adams
Mechanic Falls, Maine
June, 2006

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you guided us through when you agreed to build our new home. The confidence we felt in you from the beginning was never disappointed. The handicap of being out of state was not a problem. The quality of work that you demanded was much appreciated. We would be happy to recommend your services to future home builders.”

David & Jane Patterson
Wells, Maine
May, 2005

“We’d both like to express our appreciation and thanks to you for our beautiful new home. We’re very happy with the end result – a fine quality home. The process of building a home initially seemed a bit intimidating but you’ve been a true professional and gentleman throughout the project, making it seem to flow along effortlessly.

We like the fact that you are able to maintain good relationships with all people. You’re a man of integrity. We rest assured knowing that if we have any problems with our home in the future, we can call you or your Construction Manager and it will be taken care of.”

Joe & Peggy Olsen
Raymond, Maine
August, 2008

“Hey Rick...We are very pleased customers who wouldn't think twice about using you for our next project (I am worried that Peg is actually lining one up!!). Camp is great and we are very proud to show all the craftsmen ship throughout...It is all we had hoped for, the only problem is I cannot get Peg back to Stratham.”

Steve & Caren Smith
Saco, Maine
July, 2005

“Working with you has been a pleasure. Everything was done in a timely manner, which was important to us, and the quality of workmanship is fantastic. Should you ever need a reference, we would be happy to talk with someone…again, thank you for making the whole experience a positive one.”

NOTE: The following excerpts were sent to Rick Micklon as personal and professional references and express the homeowner’s appreciation for his services. Rick was the Construction Manager for these projects while working for other companies. The entire letters are available for viewing.

Art & Barbara Traficonte
Waterford, Maine
June, 2006

“We have lived in our new home for a little over a year now and feel that we must tell you how delighted we are with it. We were so impressed with the way you helped us through the building process and with the numerous decisions to be made. We had heard horror stories about dealing with the various contractors on the job, but you made everything go so smoothly that it was a joy. Whenever we had a question or a concern, you were there to reassure us or remedy the problem. Even when we wanted to make major chimney changes or outside moulding changes, you managed to take care of it with the various contractors. We were made to feel that you were in charge and would take care of it for us, which you did.

Again, we truly appreciate all you did to make building our house a rewarding and happy experience.”

Susan & Bill West
Wells, Maine
January, 2004

“We would buy a new home from Rick, as the primary builder, any time, and recommend him highly to anyone.

He was, and still is invaluable to us with regard to our new home. His responsibility and concern for the buyer didn’t stop at the “closing table”, and for that we are deeply appreciative.”

Joan Lillie
Islesboro, Maine
September, 2004

“…I live on an island three miles off the coast of Lincolnville, Maine and you have to take a car ferry to get here. It would have been a unique experience for any off-island builder to commit to this job. That is until I met Rick Micklon. Rick loves a challenge and he was willing to go the extra mile for me. Being a single woman, I had a lot to learn about construction and I did not want to be talked down to, or to be taken advantage of. Rick was helpful and experienced with many years of construction knowledge. He followed through on every detail. I actually felt like we were partners on my project.

I love my beautiful home on the water and wouldn’t change a thing. I am very glad that I chose Rick Micklon and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Isabelle Julien
Wells, Maine
August, 2004

“…we came from France…we are very satisfied because we met Rick Micklon who built the house for us. Every week we received email and pictures of the construction. It’s the third house we built, but the first without being on site…it was the easiest as Rick took care of it all. He understood what we liked and when we arrived, it was all as we wished. To build a house 3,000 miles away, with no problems is a challenge, but we did it thanks to Rick.

He is not only a very good builder, but a man that we can trust and now he is a friend. If we have to do it again, we will with Rick, and not an ounce of hesitation.”

Barbara Sullivan
Wells, Maine
December, 2003

“Please be advised that for over 35 years I have been involved with numerous real estate and construction projects. I have owned investment properties, a motel, condominiums, and primary residences.

Right from the beginning, Rick was there from the most specific to the littlest issue. He responded without hesitation. Building this home with Rick was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had in real estate construction. I would have to say he is the most professional and capable builder I have ever known.

As a result of all the above, I have become good friends with Rick and will continue to be one. How may people can say that about their builder?”

Derek Albert
Wells, Maine
December, 2003

“I myself am in the construction industry. Rick Micklon made our building experience as good as it possibly could be…He truly is a person who will look out for his customers needs and will put their satisfaction at the top of his goals. Rick Micklon is an honest man with integrity; this is why many people and contractors want to work with him.”

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