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Interior Design

High Country Home

Services Offered:
Teresa Perry of High Country Home Interior Design & Custom Cabinetry offers complete and reliable Interior and Kitchen Design services. Teresa prides herself on being able to instill trust within her clients by listening (with a trained ear!) to their inspirational ideas so that she is able to successfully bring them to life. Through her design process which consists of interior spatial planning, and architectural detail, color and textile consultations for ceiling and wall surfaces, as well as, window treatments, upholstered furniture and antique selections she is able to make their dreams become reality.

She encourages her clients to express their thoughts openly to her. She is able to implement their ideas through her trained listening skills and her unmistaken creativity. While she is carefully listening to and hearing her clients… She is drawing their words… “In my head I am drawing the ideas that are being expressed…it’s like a little roadmap in my minds eye.”

She enjoys doing extremely detailed research whether it’s researching for an historic preservation project’s architectural details, fabric or wall paper selections or how to properly fit a piece of detailed custom cabinetry.
I love a set of first draft architectural floor plans, some onion paper, a drafting pencil, my architectural drafting tools and a list of my clients needs… this is where my creative engine really begins to flow. I have extremely high visual standards, as do my clients. After all, it is all in the details!

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