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About Us

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Founded in only 2004, Rick Micklon has made Maine Building & Development (MBD) stand out as a General Contractor and custom homebuilder providing experience, professionalism, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Though MBD itself may be a young company, Rick has over 30 years of experience in the fields of land use, environmental science, real estate, and building construction technologies. Since becoming a builder and General Contractor in 1996, Rick has built or overseen over 200 houses and light commercial projects.

With the world and the homeowner of 2009 looking toward "some shade of Green Building,” MBD is ready to serve its clients with a multitude of options regarding the principles of Green Building. Please refer to Rick’s Bio. and the Green Building Principles section of this website.

From state of the art high-end modular housing (featuring KBS Homes), to one-of-a-kind log homes (featuring Ward Log Homes), to MBD's custom stick-built on-site construction ….

From complex island homes, involving barges and cranes….

From working with regulatory agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection, Water & Sewer Districts, multiple County Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and dozens of town Code Enforcement Offices….

Maine Building & Development is a one of a kind building company with a focus on customer satisfaction. Satisfied clients are the only form of advertising MBD has ever relied upon. These homeowners are so pleased with their beautiful homes, and the construction process that unfolded, that they not only provide a letter of reference, but welcome Rick and potential clients to see these homes and even speak to them in person.

MBD is proud to be a small family-run company, but has over 47 subcontractors in all phases of construction, provides civil & professional engineering services, both architectural & home design services, realtor & finance assistance, and a reference list that is second to none. We welcome you to talk to our people, our subs, our vendors, and our clients.

If you’re looking for a professional builder who brings this amount of experience to your project in Maine or New Hampshire, Maine Building & Development is a company you can trust.

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